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Image by Yoonsuh Park

About Us

The Oxford Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship Society is a student run organisation that explores business through an environmentally conscious lens.

We want to create a platform to discuss and promote businesses which demonstrate commercial success whilst integrating sustainable practices.

Through hosting an array of networking and speaker events, we intend to explore cutting-edge ideas from sustainable start-ups.

On a larger scale, we also plan to interact with well-established multinational corporations who are adapting their businesses, in order to meet a progressive environmental standard. With their extensive operations and influence, these companies have the potential to make revolutionary changes.

By exposing ambitious students of this university to the current and future world of sustainable business, we aim to encourage them to be pioneers in accelerating this shift in the business sector.


Our Partnership

We are honoured to be in official partnernship with the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment - University of Oxford. Established in 2008, the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment equips enterprise to achieve net zero emissions and the sustainable development goals, through their world-leading research, teaching and partnerships. We at OSBE look forward to collaborating with the SSEE and promoting the sustainable movement. We would like to thank our Delegated Senior Member, Laurence Wainwright, for helping us form this partnership.

Our Values


We take ownership in addressing environmental issues, by promoting business with a sustainable focus, in particular start-ups. Our responsibility lies in inspiring students to join the sustainable movement.

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